Fear of Rejection

Children can have a group of friends from school that they only see at school. They might want to see them out of school hours but are too worried about fear of rejection to make social plans. 

Because of lockdown, we haven’t been able to have guests at home for such a long time. Your child may be worried if they ask friends to come over to their house, that they will say no. So, they don’t ask them and the friendship just remains a friendship within the school gates. It does not get any deeper and the child does not get to see the other sides of their friends. 

It is a risk asking friends to do something social but the facts are there – if these children are their friends, why would they say no? They hang around with them at school and enjoy each others company so they would probably love to meet socially too. We need to help children get over this thought and take that risk. If they don’t the other friends may not ask them to do something. It could be a case of them waiting for them to make the first move.

Fear Of Rejection Is Something To Overcome

Get your child to start by asking maybe one person over to their house or meet them elsewhere to do an activity. If they say yes – perfect. If they say no get your child to ask them why and then try and make a plan for another time. Slow steps is what is needed for your child to build their confidence and get over that fear of rejection.

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