The Parent's Toolkit book cover

We all need a bit of help when it comes to parenting. We can read lots of books, read blog and articles in the press and ask our family and friends for advice when it comes to difficult situations or challenges, and I think both of those are useful and can be used together.

In my 18 years of coaching, I have been lucky enough to write a couple of books that you may or not have read but I think could be useful to you if you have not bought them already. Both books are helpful for parents who are raising primary school-aged children and are both very different. The first one I wrote in 2012 and is called, ‘The Parent’s Toolkit’.

My second one is called, ‘Being Me (And Loving It)’ which I co-wrote with my friend Julia Hague in 2016. I can’t decide which one I love more but I think a huge benefit of both is that they are simple to read and follow and I know, from feedback, that many children like to read ‘Being Me’ on their own and will read it and re-read it. If you have a look at the book you will see the reason why. What’s not to love about stories that they can identify with and help with tricky situations they find themselves in?

The other parenting books I have written are e-books so if you fancy a short burst of parenting help in raising your children then these are for you. Take a look at the one on primary school transition, self-esteem and confidence or friendships. The tips in the e-books can be easily discussed with your child and implemented for great results.

Wow Board detail -Other Help For Parents

Whilst writing The Parents Toolkit I came up with two ideas of some products that I thought could help children and parents and after months of planning the Wow Board and The Contributions Board were born. One is to help raise the self-esteem of a child and the other is to get families working as a team. Both are great sources of help for parents as they promote growth, independence and confidence which are something we all want for our children.

You can also sign up for my 25 Parenting Tips for Positive Change

I am sure there is something for you in the parenting products and books that I have on my website. Which one is more useful for you?