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On more than one occasion in the past 18 years or so of working as a life coach for children I have come across several children who have little drive. They aren’t motivated by anything. They don’t feel passion for anything or what they hope for in the future. It makes me feel sad that some children are like this. Drive is so important for a child to have when life is so competitive. Children need to learn that they have to put themselves out there, speak up, share their knowledge and know what they are about and what makes them different to others. They don’t need to know where they are going to be in 5 or 10 years’ time but they do need drive so that they work hard and do the best they can. So how can we be instilling motivation in children?

Encouraging Drive And Instilling Motivation In Children

  1. Tell them stories of people who have done great things. Ask how they think they got to do something incredible or outstanding.
  2. Talk to them about their passions and dreams and what they can do to reach them.
  3. Encourage them to finish what they start – whether that is a jigsaw or a Lego model.
  4. Help them to explore what makes them tick even if that means trying out new activities.
  5. Encourage them to see the rewards of working hard.
  6. Get them to imagine they are doing what they want to be doing and adopt a feeling of success.
  7. Get your child to set goals if they can. They will then have something to work towards and get that sense of achievement when they reach them.

Follow these strategies to help your child realise the importance of striving for something. Help give them the skills they need to be enthusiastic about their life and what they can do.

How do you help your child get motivated and driven?

For more strategies on motivation and other like skills take a look at ‘The Parent’s Toolkit’. It’s a great book that will really help you. Alternatively why not get in touch to get your child motivated.