Girl with book looking bored

Lock-down has been tough. We are many months in and life is not yet back to normal. Who knows when it will be?  Our children are beginning to feel like it’s groundhog day. They are doing the same activities every day or studying the same subjects, with just different work set. It is very tough and as a life coach for children, I can see their motivation slipping. I have had several children come and see me recently because they are finding they don’t want to stick the schedule any more. They have lost their mojo and rhythm. With the end of term in sight they want the holidays to start now, and I don’t blame them. So how can we keep children going until the end of term? Some children will be breaking up this week, whilst others have another week to go. How can we help children to keep motivated until the end?

Keep Motivated for the End of School Term

We can suggest to children that they mix school work up with other things they like to do. For example, they could do an hour of work and then go and do something they enjoy – maybe speak to friends or take a walk. Possibly do an activity with them that gets them away from their desk and allows their mind and body to be active.

We could help children make plans with their friends if they are younger or encourage older kids to make their own arrangements with friends. They could mix up their timetable so that they choose what they work on each day.

Parents could plan something nice for them to do which they can look forward to, once they have finished for the day. It could give them the incentive to keep pushing through.

Create a calendar and count down the days until the holidays start – this motivates some children and they enjoy marking off another school day.

The days will feel less like groundhog day if no two days are the same. Parents and children have to make an effort to keep busy, switch things up and help them keep motivated to avoid feelings of boredom.

If your child needs help with their motivation in general please feel free to call me on 07961312749 and we can chat about how I can help.