'Don't sweat the small stuff' written in the sand

So many children sweat the small stuff and it is really not worth doing. If a child reacts to every little thing that someone says to them or does to them then they will get a reputation of being easy to wind up or being known for being a snitch if they are telling the teacher all the time. Children need to learn that it is best to let some things go over their head i.e. don’t sweat the small stuff, and there are many situations that they don’t need to do anything about. They need to not sweat the small stuff and let it go. They need to move on quickly from whatever has happened and not allow the situation to get bigger. Running to the teacher about something small is definitely not the best way to solve an issue. It does not teach the child problem solving skills and to an extend resilience.

If you have child who tends to moan about what others children are doing to them talk to them about what they should respond to and what should they do nothing about. Perhaps make a list with them and talk to them why some of the things are not that important to bring up. Are they worth starting an argument about or pointing out? Instead get them to walk away and not dwell on their thoughts. They need to let the action or comment go and move on.

What about the situations that they want to respond to? How would they respond? What would they say? How would they say it? Ideally this would be face to face with the person who was trying to get a reaction out of them.

Sweat The Small Stuff That’s Important Only

Your child needs to have a clear idea what is worth fighting for (metaphorically) and what isn’t. Talking about things that happen at school and discussing different ways to approach situations will help them see what is important to address and what should be left alone.

For more information on helping your child please take a look at The Parent’s Toolkit.

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