Being Me And Loving It Cover, The Kids CoachMy new book, Being Me (And Loving It) has been the number one book for bullying to buy on Amazon UK for the last 19 days!  It also features in the Top 20 for self-esteem books for children and child development. No-one could have guaranteed that would happen and I am immensely grateful that it has. It means that the book is interesting and of use to parents and educators. It means we have achieved what we set out to do which was to create an exciting and interactive book that is easy to read and to understand and will help children. I hope it continues to sell.

Book On Bullying Amongst Other Hot Topics

The book is not just about bullying but it is about empowerment and every single story aims to get children to think ‘If they can do it, then so can I’. In my coaching practice I find that if a child knows that other children in their situation has managed to change a situation for the better using the strategies I have suggested, then they will be able to do the same. I am not saying it works for every child but there is that hope.

Recently I have been working with two children who have had a very low mood due to friendships issues. In 3 sessions we have managed to turn that mood into a more positive one and their friendships have been on the up. Friendships play a massive role in a child’s life and if a child is able to tackle the friendship difficulties they are facing by increasing their confidence then they will be happier. I find raising a child’s confidence plus giving them the strategies/tools they need can help them fly again. Feeling confident and empowered are the key.

If you have read Being Me (And Loving It) please do leave a review on Amazon. If not, check the book out on Amazon or on my website. It covers so many pertinent and relevant issues that children are facing right now.