What?, Where?, How?, When?, Who?, Why? written on post it notes

Children often pester their parents. They do this when they want to talk to them, when they aren’t paying any attention to them and when they want their parents to buy them something or do something for them. Pester power! Parents don’t like it but sometimes it is because they aren’t listening to them, or they do not want to give them the thing they are pestering them for. But do parents pester children? I think the answer has to be yes. I am not talking about nagging – let’s leave nagging out of it. I mean pestering or asking their children too many questions.

Asking Too Many Questions Can Annoy Children

Some parents will pester their children by asking them a barrage of questions when they pick them up from school or they come home from a party. They want to know, “what did you eat, what did you do, who was there and what did you talk about?”. They will often repeat the questions when their child does not answer.

How do you think this pestering makes the child feel? Frustrated? Like their privacy is being invaded? Maybe they don’t want to tell the parent. Maybe there isn’t anything interesting to share. Maybe they just can’t remember.

Parents need to take a step back. Be interested but not hound them with so many questions as it can put pressure on that child to make something up to make the parents happy so that they will stop asking. Ask them one or two questions to show that you want to hear about what they have been up to, but then let them share more if they fancy. As adults, we often choose what we share with people. It should not be any different for your children. We can still keep the relationship strong without prying.

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