body confident girl, girl with measuring tapeI was struck by an article I read a couple of weeks ago and had to share it with you. It is an article about raising body confident girls and the best way we can raise daughters so that they feel good about who they are and are not obsessed with the way they look. The issue of body image is not going away and I doubt it ever will. Girls, and of course boys, still struggle with the way they look and are heavily influenced by how others react to them face to face and on social media. Not forgetting what they see in print media and online. It is a really tough order for girls as there is so much pressure on them. Education is so important when it comes to this subject and parents are the best people to educate their daughters.

Body Confident Girls

I am a firm believer that what our children learn is what we model at home. What we say and how we behave can easily influence the actions of our children. If we sit there with a lettuce leaf and call it dinner or moan about how big our thighs are we can only expect our children to do the same. This article focuses on girls and how to raise a daughter who is confident about her body image, although I am sure that some of what it highlights is relevant to boys too. Read: 8 Tips to Raising a Self-Confident Daughter

There is some excellent advice for all your mums and dads out there. I particularly like the part about listening to the subtext. Our children don’t always say what they mean. They make a statement but what they really want to talk about is different. A great take away point and something to think about. What do you take away from reading this article?

Being Me (And Loving It) is a great book that focuses on all types of confidence. It’s full of stories and activities to help your child feel strong and empowered. Check it out here.

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