2 brothers colouring and talking

Some of us have more time on our hands than others at the moment and we are having to find things to keep us busy. This is also the case for our children. They may not have a lot of work being set by school so they need something to keep them occupied. This may leave children feeling unmotivated or they may start to lose confidence in themselves. They may already have quite low self-esteem or self-belief. Having something to do whilst practicing a bit of self-development could be the answer. With time at home we can help them to feel better about themselves, more robust and resilient before they return to school. I am sure most parents have seen their children wobble and seen lots of self-doubt over the past few weeks and spending time with them would have a better sense of who they are.

Storytelling With Hidden Lessons To Aid Self-Development

Being Me And Loving It Cover Image - Naomi Richards - The Kids CoachI co-wrote a book several years ago that will help your children with their wobbles, their self-doubt, their self-esteem and self belief. Called Being Me (And Loving It) it tells stories of children who face all different kinds of challenges and has over 100 activities your child can do at home.

Parents don’t need to sit with them but could read the stories with them. It will keep children busy as well as build on the life skills they need, helping them see that they can change situations they find themselves in or change the way they feel about them. It will help them grow, understand their friendships better and understand themselves.

I think this book is perfect for the situation we find ourselves in and whilst they have time at home. It is a good time for self-reflection, improvement, tweaks, self development and building resilience. Something I believe we should all be doing throughout live and not just during lockdown. Lockdown has not provided much structure for children at home but all children need it. If you want help with giving your children some structure during this time take a look at this blog post.