The text - once upon a time

Everyone has stories to share. Some are fun and silly. Some are more serious with a lesson to be learnt from, whilst others  are inspirational and empowering. We all have stories within us and some can be incredibly powerful.

It is important that parents do not hide the stories away from our children. Share them so that our children can hear the experiences that we have had and the mistakes we have made. They can also hear about the adventures we got up to and the kind of childhood we had.

Adults are full of stories and they are perfect to share when your child is at a crossroads of what to do in a situation – they can help to provide insight and a solution.  They can also be told when children need cheering up.

I share stories in every one of my coaching sessions. The children can hear about how I approached a situation or how one of my children had a similar issue and how they overcame it. They love to listen to them and it gives them a sense of ‘I am not the only one’. A story can make a child feel less alone and connected.

Think about what experiences you could share with them and how some stories could make a difference in their life.