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I love spirited children – those with big personalities that always have something to say or share with you. Those who have a high energy and have a lot going on for themselves. They can be tiring but generally they are good fun to be around. They have oodles of energy and are often talkative and want to be busy all the time. They can wear you out and parents can often think how can they calm their child and get them to do something nice and quiet. Not everyone enjoys a spirited child as they can often get themselves into mishaps and trouble. It can be a challenge for parents who find their child’s personality and zest a bit too much. So what can you do parents do it they feel a bit overwhelmed? Here are a few ideas…..

Five Ways To Deal With A Spirited Child

  1. Change the way you think about them. Think of their strengths and the benefits of being a spirited child – lots to say, lots of energy, never a dull moment, a strong individual. Would you prefer a child with a different type of personality. Think about when you and your partner were younger. Were either of you like this?
  2. Look at where you feel more challenged by them. What is it specifically? What could you do differently when they test you? What kids of response could you use?
  3. Do things that bring out the best in them and their personality. Redirect their energy into activities that they enjoy that also will wear them out.
  4. Find an activity that allows them to relax. Quiet time is good for recharging batteries (for parents too!) Do they like reading or playing board games? Lying in the grass or watching a move?
  5.  When things go wrong – talk or role play out what they could have done differently with them.

Try my tips and let me know how you get on!

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