Child looking free, child in field embracing the worldWe all need to let go of situations sometimes – of people that are not good for us, situations that make us unhappy and when we know we cannot change a situation despite pushing and pushing for it to change. Letting go is not the same as giving up and this is something we need our children to realise and understand. Teaching children to let go is about moving on – hopefully onto something better. It can be hard to let go but it is something we need to teach our children to do. Life is challenging, people are not always kind and some situations can make them feel low. We have to teach our children to let go of the situation and the bad feelings and thoughts associated with it.

Often a situation can be comfortable and familiar to your child even though they know it is not a good place to be. They want to keep with the familiar as they do not know what will happen if they walk away from it – what then? What will they do next? Is it going to be any better? Yes. It is.

Teaching Children To Let Go When Situations Aren’t Great

If your child knows a situation is not good for them help them let go by asking them what is it about the situation that they like? How does it make them feel? If they left the situation how would it make them feel and what steps would they need to do to move on? Talk through the steps so they seem less overwhelmed – even break them down into small steps that don’t seem so drastic to your child. Get them to start thinking of letting go. Help them have the confidence to do that.

If you child doesn’t know that a situation isn’t good for them ask them questions and get them to think rationally about it. Are they being treated in the way they want to be? What are the benefits to them being in that situation? Are they happy and do they think they deserve to be in this situation? Get them to think about the place where they are right now and realise that it is within their power to make some changes – let go.

What situation does your child want to hold onto that you know is not good for them?

Letting go and moving on is something that a one off coaching session can resolve. To find out how give me a call on 07961312749.

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