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Many children do not understand the full role of their parents. In my role as a life coach for children and teenagers, I often have to explain the role of their parents and explain why they say, ‘No’ to things that their child wants to do. Parents, as we all know, play an indispensable role in a child’s life, one that extends far beyond providing the basic necessities. They are the people who support, guide and love their children so that they can be the young adults that they want them to be.

Parents instill their values and beliefs into their children, in the hope that they will take some of them on board. In very simple terms, I explain to the children who don’t see past the, ‘Why can’t they give me everything I want’ and ‘Why won’t they let me?’, the vital aspects of a parent’s role.

A Parent’s Role and Responsibilities

  1. Ensure their child’s safety by creating a secure environment, both physically and emotionally.
  2. Nurture them by offering love, care and emotional support. This provides children with a sense of belonging and acceptance.
  3. Teach them about boundaries and rules which are crucial for their development. This helps children understand the difference between right and wrong and also keeps them safe.
  4. Offer advice and guidance so their children can make informed decisions about how they behave and what to do in certain situations.
  5. Keep their children grounded by giving them good values to live by and a strong moral compass. This will help their children grow into responsible, ethical people.
  6. Support their children in times when they are challenged or to celebrate their successes. Parents are cheerleaders!

It’s important to remember that parents do all this out of love and care. While they might sometimes be strict or set boundaries, they aren’t trying to run their kid’s childhood (despite what their child might think). Instead, it’s to help them grow into responsible, well-adjusted adults who can navigate life.

The role of a parent is a vital one and therefore children need to respect all that a parent is doing for them as, at the end of the day, it is all for them. Parents don’t want to be mean, but everything they do is for the sake of their children and a child will see later on in life that it was worth it.

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