happy kids playing and running through field in summer

Not everyone will make you happy and there are usually a limited number of people who will make you feel happy when you are with them – in person or just connecting with them online or on the phone. Likewise, not everything you do will make you happy. Some of the things you have to do may be boring or monotonous and you would do anything not to do them.

Because there are things that make us happy and some that don’t we should really focus and help our children focus on the people and activities that put a smile on their faces. They should look at doing more of these things and spending more time with those ‘happy’ people – not only when they are feeling down, but to make them feel positive everyday.

Causes Of Happiness…

Talk to your children about the positive people in their life and then spend more time on them. Who are those people that lift them up and make them feel good again? Why do they love spending time with them? What is it about them that makes them feel happy? Encourage them to spend more time with these people who lift them up and make them feel good. It’s important that they surround themselves with the right people.

And what about the things that make them happy? What activities are they? Talk about the projects and interests they like doing and remind them of those things that they enjoy. Get them to do more of them so they feel fulfilled, relaxed, happy etc. Having activities that they like to do will keep them busy doing things they love and will help with their mindset.

Surrounding themselves with people they like and doing things they enjoy will help children focus more on the positive parts of life and less on the negative. Of course, they can’t spend all their time only doing what makes them happy but having things to look forward to each day, can make a huge difference to our happiness levels.

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