Teenager wearing mask

Some children only see things from their own perspective. They think of themselves and what they want to do, with no consideration about others wants or needs. For example, in the middle of the pandemic and lockdown, some teenagers may want to continue to meet up in big groups, or may decide to not wear a mask when out and about. They may be hugging friends and not sticking to the guidance that has been set for us. Not only is this breaking the rules, but they are being selfish and and not protecting others from Covid-19. They could get into trouble for breaking the rules, and even be responsible for making somebody very ill (particularly if your family is in a support bubble with elderly or vulnerable relatives). I think we would all prefer it if they were being safe and thought more about how it could affect them and the people they love.

Less Selfish, More Being Safe 

We need to educate children about being less selfish and to think about protecting others. Protecting others means wearing a mask when out and about. It means not getting up close to friends or strangers in a cafe or standing at a bus stop and definitely not coughing or sneezing over others as it could worry them. They have no idea how susceptible the people around them are to catching the virus or whether they live with elderly grandparents or other people who are shielding. So they need to behave as if they already have the virus and keep socially distanced from people – even if the are their friends.

Protecting others shows respect, kindness and consideration. It also shows responsibility and that they aren’t just thinking about themselves. It shows that they care. These are traits we all want our children to have in any situation, so why not teach them now if you haven’t already?