social distancing

The lockdown restrictions have lifted slightly in our strange world. We can now meet a friend or someone from another household and socialise with them (safely) one on one, outside of our homes. A tiny move forward into ‘normal’ life and being able to chat with someone else face to face, other than families. There will be some people who won’t have seen anyone as they won’t have been for walks or to the shops or to work. Hopefully they will now take a step outside of their front doors and see a real human being. It is a good move forward. Face to face interaction – not on a screen – is positive. We can see the whole of a person and feel their moods. We can see their body language and get a better sense of how they are coping in the current situation but what social distancing should we be doing?

Social Distancing And Socialising

This is just as important for children as it is adults to socially distance so we need to be really clear to our children that they can see friends one at a time whilst socially distanced.  However, that does not mean going to the park and playing football with a crowd of friends, tackling the ball and crowding over each other. They still have to follow the lockdown rules and it is a parents job to make sure they follow this rule as well as modelling it themselves. Perhaps you can suggest that one of their friends comes over and sits on the wall outside your home so they can chat or they can go for a walk and keep 2 metres apart or cycle behind each other but together. Get creative on ways they could socialise without getting too close and breaking the rules.

It’s great that our children can see friends again, but just make sure they are social distancing.