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Like adults, children are all on a life journey. They are not the same people as they were yesterday and they won’t be the same children tomorrow. They have changed in many ways since they were born – through experiences, people they have met (both children and adults), places they have visited and what their parents have taught them. They have tried, they have failed, they have learnt, they have felt a million different emotions and had million of different reactions to things. Children evolving and becoming the adults they were meant to be is wonderful and all those experiences will shape them. They will have experienced growth.

Children Evolving and Growing

It is very easy for children to think that life was always the same and that nothing has changed. They do need to recognise how far they have come. They need to see that they have overcome challenges and tricky situations and that they are strong. They need to think about all those times when they have succeeded.

In coaching sessions with a child at secondary school, we look with appreciation at those things to remind the child that they have achieved so much and that the life they have is a good one. This may not be something they’ve given much thought to before. Many adults haven’t learnt to appreciate what they have and what they’ve achieved, so it’s an important life skill to have.  Children should be confident about what they can do and being able to do it. This is part of children evolving and growing.

Growing up is not easy and sometimes children feel like things are going wrong for them. Let’s help them see the things that are going right for them and that life can be tweaked and changed to make it a little better, as well as looking back at all the great things and memories that have happened to them.


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