Children playing on computer

Children and technology use is a subject which is on my mind daily. I constantly worry whether my children are spending too much time on their screens. Probably unnecessary to do as I am quite strict when it comes to phone use and laptops. I have been told this by friends and others. As my children have got older and there is less provision for them to do (or want to do) camps in the summer holidays, it has been much more of a challenge. Their screens are the go-to activity when they are not out with me, their friends or doing the odd camp day. They want to relax and be comatosed by a screen. Whatever happened to board games and imaginary play? I am not a huge fan of technology and gaming and I keep on having to remind myself that there are lots of benefits of using tech and we can be managing technology use of our children.

Managing Technology Use With Rules Attached

I was asked about my thoughts for an article How To Manage Your Child’s Tech Use  a few weeks ago. It’s about the benefits of tech use and the boundaries you can place around it so it does not create huge arguments all the time. It is important that your child uses the internet as it can be a wonderful source of inspiration and learning as well as connecting with friends. It is a great place where your child can learn aside from you or a book from the library. It is a huge library. Technology and the Internet isn’t something we don’t want our children to have access to at all and we want them to be happy using screens, but if you struggle with setting boundaries then please have a read as it has some good tips within it.

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If you have a really big problem with technology in your house perhaps a one off coaching session will get your child to understand the rules behind the tech use. Give me a call on 07961312749.