Two direction signposts, one pointing left, saying 'Old School' and one pointing right, saying 'New School'.

July is the month when I start coaching kids for year seven and starting secondary school in September. It is the time of year when parents start to think about the experience their child has had in primary school and if it was an unsavoury one then they will want to make sure that secondary school is a more positive experience for them.

Parents may have concerns over the interactions and friendships their child has made in primary school. Or they may be worried about peer pressure or making sure their child behaves the way they are expected to at secondary school by starting to practice in year six so children are more relaxed before September.

Coaching Kids For Year Seven And Their Worries

I have started working with quite a few children already even though it is still June and I will be doing a bit of hand-holding at the end of August/beginning of September so new strategies are fresh in those children’s minds. It is important that we address the issues and worries children have before they start school so we can pre-empt those worries and get them to think practically about the new school and having a positive mindset that they can use from day one. Whether that be;

  • making new friends,
  • getting lost,
  • doing homework,
  • being more organised,
  • learning how to be more confident
  • understanding why the teachers are so strict.

The latter is a worry many children have but I work with any worry that a child or parent has about starting secondary school.

So if you have a year seven child and think that coaching would be of great benefit before they start secondary school then please get in touch. I am working over the summer, with many sessions available at the end of August and early September. This is the time when the incoming year sevens will need it as it is when their anxiety is at its highest. We want them to be calm, relaxed and start off on the right foot going into their new school. If you think that they will find it difficult, like I said, call me.

EBook on Secondary School Transition

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