Girls work together at BE Conference DublinConferences for Children

In 20013, 2014 and 2015 I ran ‘BE’ conferences for girls (aged 11-13 years old) that focussed on the hot topics of Body Image, Social media and Friendships and Role models.

The conferences targeted girls of this age as they tend to struggle with who they are and the complexities of friendships. The conferences enabled them to feel great about themselves from the inside out, showed them the best way to use social media and got them to realise the extent of wonderful role models they have in their lives.

BE Conference Dublin Workshop - Girls 11-13 years old. Talk by Svetlana LitmanovaThe BE conferences were energising and very powerful. There were four workshops throughout the day that each girl attended and were run by women who excelled in their chosen field, had a brilliant rapport with young women and had lots to offer in terms of engaging, inspiring and empowering others. All had headline speakers such as Kimberly and Ruby from GBBO, Zoe Jackson and Sarah Webb.

Feedback on the conferences:

Be Remarkable Conference Girls at Workshop 2013I learnt how to be kind to myself and how to make friends. I also learnt how important it is to make yourself heard. I think the whole day was brilliant. I met new girls, the workshops were run by amazing women and I have learnt how to have confidence in myself’ – M aged 11

‘The biggest thing I learnt was that no matter who you are you can still be special’ – S aged 12

‘I loved everything. I wish the sessions were longer’ – F aged 12

The day was awesome and really fun and inspiring’ – M aged 11

‘I learnt to always believe in myself’ – H aged 11

I thought the whole day was amazing and so inspirational. Overall it gave me more self-confidence and self-esteem. I now feel remarkable!!!’ – M aged 13

My favourite session was BE your own BFF as it was funny and really active‘ – S aged 10

I loved the whole day. I learnt how to be a great woman!’ – Z aged 11

The workshops were:

BE your own BFF
BE a role model
BE a good friend
BE body confident