Colourful windmill toy and text 'Be Happy' written in white chalk on blackboard

Some children find it hard to find their happy. They don’t see the good things that are happening to them and don’t seem to enjoy themselves when they are with friends or family. I wonder ‘have they ever been happy?’ and ‘do they know what happy feels like?’. It is such a shame to even think this, yet it is really important that they are able to show others that they are enjoying themselves and having fun.

We can teach children to be happy in many ways but first we need to discover why they aren’t at present. Is there something the child can do, or do they not feel great about life regardless of how good it is for them? If so, here are some ideas to help you help them.

Parenting Tips To Help Your Child Be Happier

  1. Share with them the importance of showing on their face their emotion when they are having fun/enjoying themselves.
  2. Get them to write down all the good things that are happening in their life.
  3. Ask them what makes them happy and do more of it.
  4. Get them to share the funny things that happened in their day.
  5. Tap into their sense of humour and allow them to bring it into conversations.
  6. Laugh when they make jokes and be supportive of who they are.
  7. Teach them to smile more.
  8. Be happy around your children and laugh a lot.
  9. Praise them and get them to see how amazing they are.
  10. Teach them to let go of their insecurities and allow their friends to see them.

These are just a few ideas. Happiness can be infectious and everyone deserves to be happy. As parents, we can encourage and help our children know what that feels like. For more information on raising children and working with them on their self-esteem, why not buy Being Me (And Loving It)