sports mad children, boy playing footballKids mad about sport.. What do you do when all your child thinks, talks and dreams about is a particular sport? They are mad about sport and try to play it at every opportunity they get and their conversation with their friends is dominated by it. We love their passion and are happy that they have found their thing but how can we stop it taking over their lives, as well as the people around them? We all have our limits.

Taming Kids Who Are Mad About Sport

In my opinion we should encourage them to play – after all why knock a child’s passion for sport regardless of whether they are good at it or not. We should also talk to them about it – share their interest and be supportive. What I do think is important though is that we help them keep their passion in perspective. Let them enjoy the sport but perhaps put some boundaries around when they are at home. For example, they could spend a certain amount of time playing football in the garden but then have to do something else or you could put some rules in place so that they have to talk about other topics when sitting having meals together.

We can also get them to understand that there are other activities they can do outside of their one passion- some that they may enjoy. Maybe you could sit down with your child and list other things they are interested in or would like to try. Explain to them that you love that they are so passionate about a sport and would never stop them doing it but it is good to have lots of different interests and experiences. If they only focus on one activity they may miss out on nurturing other parts of their life.

It is very easy for children to get obsessed about sport. It is a fantastic bug to have. Unfortunately for those around them that may not be so into it, it can be annoying – especially for siblings. It may be time for some family ‘sport free’ time. How do you harness the passion?


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