'Back to School' tiles

The countdown to the new school term begins for many parents. Getting our children back into the school and learning mind-set and having to adhere again to the school routine. It is not an easy job when routines have been thrown out of the window for 6 weeks and our children have spent so much time in the sunshine and with friends. They have loved the lack of routine and we probably have too so how can we help children prepare for the new school term?

The most important part is to start talking to them about school as we start moving towards September. Ask them questions such as..

  • What are they looking forward to – discuss the positives about going back.
  • What are they not looking forward to? How can they turn that into a positive?
  • Are they worried about anything and how can they look at their worry in a different way so it is not a worry any longer? Many worries will be about what they fear MAY happen. They do not know for sure that it will. Many children will worry about the work, the teachers and their friendships.

And talk to them about what they will be learning in the coming year. Maybe you could get some books out from the library together on some of those subjects so they feel more prepared for the type of work they will be doing.

New School Term Ideas To Help Kids Back Into Routine

  • It can also be helpful to get them back slowly into a better sleep routine and possibly a better diet. Help them to feel good about going into the new school year from the inside out. By going to bed earlier they should, hopefully, wake up earlier and it won’t be a shock to their system next week when their alarm goes off at 7.
  • Discuss what they would like to do in terms of after school activities. Are there any new opportunities to try something new after school? Get them excited about new clubs.
  • Finally, if you still have a free afternoon suggest they see some of their old friends if they haven’t so they can talk school stuff with them and also reconnect with people they are going to be with next week. It will help them feel more relaxed and less worried about returning to school.

Try these tips with your children and see how they respond. Are they worried about returning to school or looking forward to it? Here is a great resource that parents can use to get their children ready for the new school term which may not be included in my list above. You can never have too many ideas. Let me know how your family handle going back to school.

You could also download my ebooks on secondary school and friendships for some great tips to help your child.