Big Sister with little sister

Like everyone else there are some things I really do not like doing, whether I’m doing them for me or for other people. I can’t always be happy about climbing a steep verge (I hate heights) or having to stay indoors all day when the sun is shining. I find both difficult and frustrating as I really do not want to do either, but the people or situation around me dictates that I must. There are always going to be times when you are unable to put yourself first. The needs of your family or friends have to be priority and however much it pains you it has to be done. Putting others first may be tricky but needed.

Putting Others First Is A Very Selfless Thing To Do

Children, especially teens, tend to have a selfish head. They only see their own agenda and may not think about other people, so we need to show them that putting others first can be a good thing. It can make other people very happy. Particularly, if it shows them that you have thought about what they need and what they want. Everyone likes their feelings to be considered. A child’s friends or family may know how much they hate to do a particular thing, but in doing it they have shown willing and respect to others needs.

When they come to you next saying they don’t want to go to a relatives christening, (for example), get your child to think how it would feel if that person did not support them. What if they had a big event like a football match, sporting event or a performance and nobody showed up to watch. How would they feel to have nobody there to see their big moment? Or if they moan about going to see their grandparents, help them to see the situation through their grandparent’s eyes. They may find it boring but it will be important to their grandparents. They get a lot of joy from seeing, and having a relationship with their grandchildren and it would be mean to deprive them of this. It will also create some lovely memories for your child when they’re older.

Putting others before you shows kindness. Life doesn’t revolve our own wants and needs, and it doesn’t hurt for children to learn this as early as possible. They will get more from their relationships and may even enjoy the feeling they get from knowing they have put somebody else first and made them happy.

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