3 brothers with arms around each other

Brothers and sisters can be quite annoying. Sometimes for the whole of your life and sometimes until that critical point where one or several of you leave home and suddenly you all start to get on much better. Despite not getting on whilst all living under the same family roof it is important that siblings find a way of understanding each other and treat each other with a certain type of respect. Within the same there will be all types of personality however, it always almost falls to the oldest siblings to take charge and be a good role model for the others.

Being A Role Model

The onus really falls on the child highest in the pecking order – the oldest child. They are expected to behave in a way that shows their siblings the right way to behave and interact. They are the role model for the others and it’s a big job. Their younger siblings are always watching what the oldest is doing, at things they are allowed to do and what they get away with. They need to be a good role model so that the others will look up to them and respect their decisions. They need to have the traits that make up a good person – trust, respect for others, be polite, working hard, taking responsibility, sharing, be helpful, be good at intervention and negotiation, be able to see things from another’s point of view. The latter is important when they are trying to sort out sibling arguments which they most probably will get involved in.

From a parents point of view we want all our children to have these traits and having a good example set from the top is a good start. The oldest child needs to be a good role model for their siblings but parents need to be good role models for them so they know how they should behave.