2 teenage girls whispering

Sometimes a child will do or say something that upsets another child. They may not have intended saying the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing but have upset someone. . The child who is  upset may not be in a forgiving state of mind and will alienate the child who has upset them by just not talking to them or including them. They may even try and get other children to do the same. It is harsh but it happens. The child who did not intend to say or do that ‘stupid’ thing has to find a way to redeem themselves otherwise the situation does not get any better. They can only do this if they know what they did/said that was wrong.

Be Aware Of Saying The Wrong Thing

What if they don’t know what they did wrong? Then they need to approach the other child who they ‘offended’ and ask them what they did and they need to apologise sooner rather than later. If they can’t get near the child then perhaps they can ask someone else who may know. Someone they can trust. They need to explain why they said or did what they did and that they did not mean it maliciously.

The second thing they need to do is make that child and their peers see that they are a good person. This is super important if their ‘stupid thing’ was widely known about. They need to put themselves out there, forget about what happened and move on from the incident. Pretend it did not happen and act normally – engage, go about their business and be friendly. Over time, if the child is forgiving they will all forget and move on. We all guilty of saying the wrong thing or doing stupid stuff. If and when we do we need to get our friendships back on track as quickly as possible.

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