girl bored at school

We are now at the end of the Christmas holidays. It may or may not have been a peaceful time. It will however have been a break from school for your children and a break from their school troubles. If you are like us, the holidays will have been about living in the moment  – not rushing about – and creating memories, so that when your children go back to school they remember the great things they did with you. I doubt your children will have thought much about school apart from if they have had to do homework. However, all good things have to come to an end and if you have a child who is has school worries about school life/friendships they will now be thinking about the return to school.

Helping Children Deal With School Worries

  • Remind them of all the great things that they love about school.
  • Remind them of the friends they have and help them put into context their troubles. Give them strategies to address those troubles.
  • What could they think or do differently so that they are more in control of the situation or their thoughts? By feeling more in control they will feel more confident and empowered.

Going back to something we have had a break from is always difficult and instead of running away we need to think what is it that is making me fearful? What can I do to make it less scary? How am I going to take control of the situation? Our children need to do the same. They need to face their troubles head on with a positive mindset and not let the troubles consume them or get bigger.

How does your child feel about going to back school? Hopefully they are happy, but if not, try these tips and let me know how they get on.

If you need a bit of help with your child going back to school please do get in touch as I am sure I could help. We don’t want children to feel lonely and unhappy about going back to school. If your child is worried about loneliness use these strategies.