Mother hugging teenager daughter

Not all children are good communicators especially when it comes to telling mum and dad what they want. Some children are afraid to tell their parents because they know the reaction they will get from them. Their experience of asking previously may have ended with a hard, ‘No’, so now they don’t bother.

We don’t want children to be afraid of asking for things they need to make their life easier, for help or support. If they don’t ask they won’t get and sometimes they need to get what they want/need from their parents. Parents must encourage children to ask for what they want, so we should try to be a bit more open-minded and make sure they know that they can come to us with anything.

Reasons Why Telling Mum And Dad Is A Good Thing

Children need to learn that expressing their emotional needs to their parents is crucial as they can’t read their minds. It is important that they tell parents if they are sad or anxious, or any other feeling that makes them feel down/ill so they can help mum and dad to provide the right support, or even seek out alternative support for them. Children need to be able to ask for help when they need it and they need to know that parents are there to guide and assist them through the challenges life throws at them. They don’t need to suffer alone.

A parent’s guidance can be invaluable, whether it’s with homework, a tricky friendship situation, or a personal struggle. Children need to remember that parents have life experience and whilst they don’t always know best they can have lots of ideas and advice to offer.

Sometimes a child may want a hug, or some quality time from their parents. If that’s what they want they need to ask for it. They are asking for it, so it is always great when parents are able to give these things to them. Parents can encourage it by being accessible and letting their children know that they can express what they want as otherwise they won’t know. If we can get children to share their wants the bond between parent and child can be strengthened and it will also reduce frustration by the child by not speaking up.

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