parenting productAfter producing the ‘WOW’ board for children I realised how useful it would be for grown ups to have one too so I created a parenting journal. Often we can have a fab few days in our parenting but then a day does not go so well and we focus on that. We can easily forget about the previous good days. What we need to do is to continually focus on our achievements and celebrate any bit of parenting progress we make even if it does not go well everyday. So here it is…. my ‘WOW’ board for grown-ups:

The ‘WOW’ Board – A Parenting Journal

  • It helps parents to track the good things that are happening in their family life and their parenting successes. Once they have written it in they can look back over previous weeks and track how well things are going or what they need to work more on.
  • Prompts them to remember what has worked well and help them reflect on their day and week in a more positive light.
  • Increases the self-esteem of parents as they see they are doing a good job, Something that parents can often doubt.
  • Help them recognise even the smallest of change in your parenting or your children’s behaviour.
  • Provide evidence that change can happen.

It is easy to use and will get you in a mindset where you notice the small improvements or changes that are happening with you or your child. Often we overlook or do not pay too much attention to them.  It will make you feel that you are heading in the right direction and see that you are doing a great job. Any progress is progress. Read more details of how to use the WOW board for grown ups It is now available from ebay at a price of just £12.99 plus p+p.