Boys football training

Several of the children I am currently working with are finding friendships tricky at school.  Many don’t feel that they are part of a group or team. Even those who do feel part of a group find they don’t feel included in conversations. Some of that may be down to the child not being confident or not knowing what the group are talking about. And some of it may be down to them not feeling that the other children like them and so they don’t join in. I have been working with these children on various aspects of communication and have been encouraging them to join a team activity outside of school. There are many benefits of team activities. They are brilliant for boosting a child’s confidence and self-esteem and it will help them with making friends as it is easier to find friends who they have something in common with – i.e. the team activity.

Three Benefits Of Team Activities

  1. Being part of a team will help a child to feel a part of something in a more informal way where they are more relaxed and can be themselves.
  2. It will connect the child with lots of different children who they may not come into contact with on a daily basis. Once engaging more, they will build friendships.
  3. Being comfortable around these friends will re-build their self-esteem and confidence. It will make them see they can make friends and be accepted.

If your child feels like they don’t fit in at school then it’s really important to find an activity they could do outside of school where they are part of a team.  It will bring out their assertion skills, their communication skills and give them a new-found confidence. Who knows, they may even develop a lifelong hobby or interest that they can continue to enjoy into adulthood. There are so many physical and mental benefits of team activities for a child especially for boys who really need to burn off energy. 

Has a team activity improved your child’s life and how? Are they are really great team player? Being part of a team if they are a team player and put the effort in. I’d love to hear your comments and stories – please leave a message below or via my social media channels.

If you would like some help with your child being a team player then please get in touch for some coaching for them.