girls hugging - making up and solving problems

If there is one thing that I want children to take away from my workshops it is to learn how to problem solve. With problems being everywhere it is an essential life skill.

Many children feel they should solve the problem in the right way – the ‘should’ way:

  • They should say sorry.
  • They should do what the other person wants.
  • They should give in

This is not always the best way to deal with things as it does not always give the child who is solving the problem what they want. For example in the playground – if one child is being bossy should your child just do what the bossy child says or could they do or say something to assert themselves and give themself a happier outcome?

Finding Solutions to Problems

Being prepared for problems is a great way to tackle them. I prefer to teach children what they could do so that they have an array of solutions to choose from. They can choose what they feel most comfortable with. Which solution is going to get what they want and make the other party, if there is one, feel okay and happy enough with the outcome.

Can you provide many more ideas which will help children think outside of the box and get creative with solutions to problems. When your child comes to you with a problem ask them, ‘What could they do?’  Check your own reactions to their problem to ensure you aren’t directing your child into the “should” kind of thinking.

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