student in face mask

As we are fast approaching the release of lockdown and life going back to a new normal, there is hope in the air. Not everyone wants to rush back to socialising in other peoples houses, shopping or sitting in a restaurant. But many children have started feeling hopeful about the future. Hopeful that soon it will be the school holidays and after 3 months of being cooped up they will be able to have more freedom. It will be a chance to see more of their friends and have free time to do whatever they wish… well that’s what they think! Children will have more time on their hands but how are they going to spend it and how do parents keep them safe as COVID-19 hasn’t gone away yet.

Feeling Hopeful And Post-Lockdown Rules

Should we make it clear to children what we will allow and let them decide for themselves? Do we have less rules in the family or do we decide that because of their friends are carrying on as normal and that school starts back in September that it does not matter about any kind of social distancing. Should one rule – keep a metre apart, be the only one?

I don’t want to dash my children’s hopes and I doubt you will want to too. It is their summer holiday after all and they could do with getting out and about. One solution may be to start planning the holidays now and discussing:

  • What you will be doing as a family and what they can do with friends?
  • Where will you allow them to go and in how big a group?
  • Do they have to wear a mask and if so, in what circumstances?
  • Should they stay away from shopping centres?

Let’s start communicating with our children before next week when restaurants and cinemas open up and before they start making social plans. Everyone is keen to get back out there, but we still need to exercise some caution so discuss your concerns and agree a plan that the whole family is comfortable with so your children can start feeling hopeful about enjoying their summer holiday. To think that when this crisis all started no one knew how and when it was going to end. If your child still feels helpless and like they are not coping still have a look at my previous article.