We are nearly ready to start moving out of lockdown here and feeling full of hope. On the 12th April shops, gyms cafes and restaurants are re-opening. Outdoor sports activities have already re-started and we are also able to meet up with five other friends outside. It’s so exciting isn’t it?!

The majority of pre-teens and teenagers have been looking forward to this moment. It will be a chance for them to celebrate birthdays and other missed occasions as well as see people they haven’t seen for ages. They can start to catch up on everything they missed doing the past year and start doing the things they should have been doing, but couldn’t.

All children have missed out in some way and most parents are desperate to them getting back to a ‘normal’ life. However, returning to the regular routine may be difficult for some children. Maybe they’ve got used to lockdown life, so let’s help them on their way.

Planning Freedom with Children

  • Encourage children to make arrangements to see friends they haven’t seen. Make suggestions of what they are able to do like being able to see more than one friend at a time, going to an outdoor sporting class etc.
  • Invite friends over into the garden (if you have one) – this also gives parents a chance to meet newer friends and gives kids the chance to connect with each other more.
  • Think about the age your children are now – not the age they were before lockdown started. They will have grown a lot in that time and be ready for more freedom. So, give it to them (if you trust them, they are streetwise and sensible).
  • Let them go at their pace. Some parents will be keen for children to go back to a full social life but the child may only want to see a few friends or make a couple of plans. Be patient while they re-adjust.

Try to go with what your child wants and needs, but let’s make sure they continue to make good decisions around Covid and being safe. Whilst things are opening up, restrictions aren’t over yet so children must still be aware and abide by the rules.