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How we behave toward each other in our homes is important. Children see how parents behave and it can have an affect on them. When we are calm and relaxed and talk to each other nicely then our children are more calm and relaxed. When parents are stressed and talk in a stressed way our children can feel this way too and it can change their interactions with us or change their moods. It can affect the whole family and all because of us. What parents feel will always project onto the rest of the family, so we need to be more careful of our moods, and control our behaviour better so we interact with our children in the best way possible.

Parents And How To Control Our Behaviour

  • Can you stop how you react when you want to in an adverse way?
  • Can you think about how you feel and separate your feelings to the response you are going to give your child
  • Can you try and take a step back and think, ‘This is what needs to be said and this is how it needs to be said.’
  • I often think that the way we react to things is linked to our own needs. When our needs aren’t being met we may not be in the best state of mind. Ask yourself:
    • Are you reacting adversely because your needs are not being met?
    • Are you having enough time to yourself/time to relax/spend with your partner or your friends?
    • Are you placing unrealistic expectations on yourself?
    • Are you trying to do everything yourself?
    • Check-in with yourself and be mindful of your moods and feelings.

Your children watch you, listen to you and learn from you. If you can try and re-balance life a bit more and have your needs met then perhaps this could have a positive effect on home-life. The way you behave towards them will be easier on their ears.

What could you re-balance to help you feel more in control as a parent?

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