Two girls talking and smiling.

When it comes to solving problems and addressing fears positive thinking strategies and confidence are key. Without confidence your child will not change the situation they are unhappy in. It will stay the same and your child will remain unhappy. The children who I work with, gain that confidence through implementing new ideas and seeing their life change for the better. They see they can do it. However, some children may have a crisis of confidence a bit further down the line. This can be due to something changing that they were not expecting. For example, a child who is trying to fit in with their peer group may have started to establish themselves in a group but then the group disperses and different children form different groups. What does that child do now? They need to be confident that they are able to get into the friendship group they want by using positive thinking strategies

Teaching Positive Thinking Strategies To Kids

Either of these situations will rock your child’s confidence so it is important that you get them back on track quickly. You can help them by reminding them of the strategies they have used in the past and to continue using them. In the example of the friendships, your child could join in with the person they felt that they were most friendly with and happy being around. They need to continue to feel the confidence they had before they had a crisis of confidence.

In the other example, if you were late picking them up from school. You can go back and put into context the regularity of this happening and get your child to feel confident in using their positive thinking strategies again. This is a great life skill to have and will help your child to trust themselves and make any changes they need to be happier in life.

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